Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A proud mom moment (and I can't take any credit)

Moments like these make motherhood so sweet and rewarding. This cutie on the left just had his birthday this month. A card arrived for him with a ten dollar bill enclosed from Great Grandma. Did he immediately begin formulating a list of the treasures he wanted to purchase with his new found riches? No...his immediate thought was, "I can can buy presents for the boys!" This kid who doesn't get an allowance...and loves to have his own money to buy treats and things when we are at Wal Mart, didn't think about himself, but about giving to his family.

I thought when we got to the store he would pick out some matchbox cars for his brothers, maybe something little for big sister, and then move on to spending the rest on himself, but nope! I was wrong. While at Walgreens last night he saw a perfect gift for his little three year old brother. He knew that his brother would love it an insisted that this was what he wanted to buy. Last night my eight year old boy used almost all of his birthday money on Christmas gifts for his brothers and sister. And then, with a few dollars left, he placed one in our Lagoon bank ( a bank in which we place our spare change, trying to save up for Lagoon Season Passes for next summer)!

I sure love this boy!

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