Monday, December 21, 2009

Exciting changes coming!

Back when I stared this blog (as some of you may recall from my earliest posts), my plans simply included highlighting giveaways found on other blogs. Quickly I realized that I truly enjoyed trying new products and sharing my reviews, as well as offering giveaways and contests. Because of this change of focus, I have decided to move my blog to a self hosted Wordpress site. I am excited about these changes and can't wait to bring you new reviews, giveaways and more original content in the coming year!

I will roll out live on the new site on January 1st and will give you links when everything is ready to go. If you are following me here on this site (a huge thanks to you!) I will be cross posting for a while to make sure you aren't missing out, and will do my best to direct traffic to the new site. All past content is also being transferred so if you have a favorite post from the past that you want to read again, you can easily find it on the new site!

I can't wait to share this new adventure with you, and thank you for reading! Look for links and more information when we go live on January 1st 2010!

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