Thursday, December 3, 2009

On privacy lost.

As a mom, there are few moments in the day that are completely your own. Early on in motherhood I found that I could catch little moments of privacy in the bathroom. Yes, pitiful, I know, but those few stolen moments recharge my batteries. I usually keep a book at the ready, read a couple of pages, and then re-emerge, ready to start again.

As of late these moments of privacy have been stolen from me. The lock on the main floor bathroom has become defective. I blame it on little boys who like to jiggle the handle over and over again, trying to get in. Well, they have succeeded. I can lock the door all I want, but all they need to do is wiggle for a few seconds and they are in! Goodbye privacy...hello toddlers invading my private sanctuary. I guess it is time to get a new door handle on the bathroom...or nothing will get done around the house. I need my few minutes of privacy to keep me going through the day. Anyone know of a sale on bathroom door handles...with locks...maybe I should buy in bulk...these boys are pretty tricky!

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Connie said...

Good luck! Where there's a will, there's a way when it comes to getting into the bathroom when mom's in there! Privacy and solace are things of the past when you're a mom!