Saturday, December 5, 2009

Introducing one of my childhood friends to my daughter

Favorite books and movies often feel like wonderful friends. They don't judge you, they are just there when you need them. The Anne of Green Gables books and movies are these types of friends. I have many fond memories of watching the movies on PBS (impatiently waiting through the pledge drives in between portions of the movie). A childhood friend and I even liked to pretend we were Anne and Diana (we would switch who was who so that we each got a chance to end up with Gil...seriously...who didn't have a crush on Gilbert Blythe after watching these movies?)

I have owned VHS copies of the first two movies for years, but in the last year or so our last VCR died and I have not been able to meet up with my old friends Anne, Diana and Gil. As my daughter has arrived at the preteen years I have had an increasing desire to introduce her to these wonderful friends, but alas, my VHS copies were useless and I did not own a copy on DVD (anyone reading this who wants and idea for my or my daughter for Christmas..DVDs of both Anne of Green Gables and the sequel (formerly known as Anne of Avonlea) would be great gifts this year :)). After a recent family party while visiting in California, I was inspired by discussions of movie borrowing from the library. Did you realize that you can borrow movies for free from the library? Seriously why have I NOT taken advantage of this before...ok back to my story (can you tell I like to go off on are probably getting used to that by now). Yesterday I had a book to pick up from the library, so I decided to head to the movie section and see if I could find Anne of Green Gables.

There sitting on the library shelf was my old friend Anne. Oh how I have missed that old friend. I swiftly grabbed one of the two copies available and brought it to the checkout counter (along with a copy of Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit as requested by my son who was also with me at the library).

Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I watched Anne of Green Gables. I wish I could say that I was able to sit down and watch the movie together, all the way through. But, those of you who have seen Anne will know how long it is and that a mom of five children rarely gets the opportunity to sit that long! Surprisingly enough, even a couple of the boys sat and enjoyed parts of Anne.

Do you have movies that feel like old friends that you are anxious to share with your children?

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