Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pencil frustrations!

Maybe it is just me, and I am completly inept when it comes to sharpening pencils, but seriously...the pencils in my house always have broken lead. I can sharpen a fresh, brand new pencil and within minutes the lead with crack and I will be required to resharpen the pencil...only to go through this process over and over again ( and I don't mean just the sharp point will crack, I mean crack at the point where the lead is just coming out of the wood). I can't keep mechanical pencils in the house, because my children (when they are between the ages of 6 months and 3) seem to think that the erasers on those are so much fun to eat...(really I do feed these kids). And when the erasers are gone, all of the lead falls out and the pencils are useless...

So whats a mom to three school aged children to do? When it is time to do homework I seem to spend a majority of the time either searching for pencils that are sharp or sharpening pencils that have just broken... Have you found a good brand of old school pencils that always work for you... Is my problem that I buy the cheap, $0.50 packs of pencils during back to school? Would the more expensive pencils really work better, or am I doomed to waste away the minutes sharpening pencils over...and over... and over again?

Please help this pencil challenged mamma...share your pencil tips (really, no pun intended)with me!


Connie said...

I hear ya! I have found the Ticonderoga pencil is a good one. The ones I get for 50 cents for a box of 100 are the sharpen and crack up the sides, kinds of pencils. Good luck!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Funny you should mention pencils....I have been having pencil problems too.

Ya know those decorative pencils? Most of them are covered in some sort of plastic and they STINK! I can not get them to sharpen the right way for NOTHING.
The lead always breaks.

And erasers?? JUNK now days
The whole freaking thing splits in half when you go to erase something big.

What happened to the pencils that we had as kids.

Anyone remember those #3 pencils???
I hated those things. Do they still make them?