Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you ever do crazy things like this?

Seriously, am I the only one who does things like this?

So all day yesterday I was craving a milkshake...a Utah style milkshake
(what is a Utah style milkshake you ask...it is more Blizzard or McFlurry than milkshake...super thick and filled with yummy mix ins).
No, it was NOT that time of the month, and no buns in this oven,
just a craving for some yummy ice cream goodness!
Does a girl really need a reason for an ice cream craving?
So, last night on the way home from buying doughnuts for my son's Kindergarten class
(he has a summer birthday, so today was the randomly selected day for him to celebrate his birthday) I stopped off at Arctic Circle for one of these:

I selected a super yummy strawberry cheesecake shake and brought it home to enjoy.
I only got a small, but after about 2/3 the way through I decided that I was full
and took it to the freezer so I could save it for later...
well I THOUGHT I put it in the freezer.
This morning, I decided that I wanted to enjoy the rest of my milkshake.
I opened the freezer and couldn't find it anywhere!
I was beginning to get angry, thinking someone had stolen my milkshake..
Opening the refrigerator to get some milk for the kids cereal I saw it, yes
there sat my milkshake on the refrigerator shelf...completly melted!

So, tell me. Do you do crazy things like this when you are tired?

I could tell you more crazy stories about double diapering children and putting my fresh strawberries in the freezer, but I will leave those for another time...suffice it to say, I tend to do crazy things when I am tired. Please tell me I am not alone...please...please...

Arctic Circle restaurants are located mostly in Utah and Idaho, but can also be found in parts of Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

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Connie said...

I thought it was a sign of getting old! I'm glad you do the same, now I don't feel so bad!
Arctic Circle does have good shakes!