Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I LOVE Bounce Dryer Bars!

Growing up we never used dryer sheets. Living in California, the weather was not what you would call humid but not so dry that static cling was a major problem. Everything change when we moved to Utah. The dry, desert climate brings with it a great deal of static. (It is kinda fun when you turn out the lights and wiggle in your blankets...you see LOTS of sparks!). This meant an addition to my laundry regimen, namely dryer sheets. While I love the results, the littering of my laundry room floor of little white sheets gets old quickly. They always seem to fall out as I am grabbing the clothes from the dryer, landing on the floor right infront. I usually grab them and get them to the trash, but there are times when they fall and I don't notice.

Then, along came the Bounce Dryer Bar. The solution to my laundry room mess! I purchased my first bar last month using a coupon I recieved from Vocalpoint. It was super simple to install, just peel and stick (making sure you install on the rotating drum) and you are done! Months (for the normal family...for our family of seven the two month bar is just about gone within one month, but that is about what I expected) of static free, soft fabric!

The 2-month bar is just a little more than your average box of name brand dryer sheets, and if you can find coupons, you can get these for a very reasonable price at your local grocery store or Super Center.
For more information about the Bounce Dryer Bar, you can watch videos with instructions on installation and answers to other frequently asked questions at bounceeverywhere.com.

I recieved no compensation for this post. I did recieve a discount coupon as a member of Vocalpoint, but was under no obligation to post in exchange for the coupon. I simply enjoyed my Bounce Dryer Bar and wanted to share this great product with you!

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Connie said...

I have never used the bar. I'm going to check it out. I not only find the dryer sheets on the floor, but inside the clothes as I get dresed. (someone else must have folded the clothes)