Sunday, October 25, 2009

The flu has invaded our home!

I knew it was coming...reports of sightings in surrounding towns were coming in daily...then one day it happened. It started with a cough, followed by a fever and I knew...the dreaded, much talked about flu had found its way into the walls of my home.

It started a week ago with my oldest son. As he started to show signs of being on the mend, my daughter spiked a fever of 103. Today I am feeling the tightness in my chest and headache that seems to accompany this infiltrator. Hopefully he will be finished with us soon and move on. Anyone want to take this visitor off of our hands?

You may see a lull in posts this week as I wage war against the flu, but please do not loose heart...We will win and you will be back to reading my inspiring posts soon :). Tell Me A Story Tuesday will appear as planned, but other, unscheduled posts may be a bit scarce.

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