Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Witch Mountain movies on DVD at Bloggy Giveaways

I don't remember many details about these movies, but I do remember that I watched them often as a little girl. The release of the new movie by Disney called Race to Witch Mountain has really made me nostalgic for the movies of my childhood and created a desire to watch them over again. If you are the lucky winner over at Bloggy Giveaways you too can watch them again (or for the first time if you weren't lucky enough to watch them when you were young). Bloggy Giveaways is offering both Escape to Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain to five lucky winners!

Want to enter? Head over here and leave a comment with your favorite Disney live action movie. Winners will be contacted on Friday the 13th of March.

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Andrea Amu said...

I remember watching this too! Wonder what ever happened to those "child actors"... they used to be in a lot in the 70's.