Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thomas and Friends Live! On Stage

Thanks to Mom Select, Max, Dane and I were able to see Thomas and Friends Live! On Stage at the E Center in Salt Lake City. Both boys were thrilled to be able to see the trains. For the entire 45 minute drive from our home to the E Center I was peppered with questions about the trains and the show. They were so cute and, so excited!

When we arrived we had to get some yummy snacks, of course (just popcorn and a drink, but that giant bucket of popcorn was exciting for a 2 and 4 year old!) and found our seats. We had a great view of the stage, which featured a beautifully painted backdrop.

The show itself was very cute. Filled with dancing, singing and interactive fun, it held my 4 year old's attention the entire 90 minutes! My 2 year old LOVED the show, singing and dancing along for the first half hour-45 minutes, but definitely got antsy after a while. Thank goodness we had the whole row to ourselves, so he was able to dance up and down the row without disturbing other show attendees!

The show features Thomas, James, Gordon, Sir Toppam hat and many more of your favorite friends from the Island of Sodor. It also features a troupe of Circus performers who have arrived on the Island. Unfortunately the town didn't get the message that the Circus was coming and they have to scramble to prepare for the show! Thomas tries very hard to be a "Very Useful Engine" but runs into a few mishaps along the way. In the end he learns that he can still be a Useful Engine, even if he has to let others help sometimes.

I highly recommend this show for children ages 4-7! It truly is an adorable show (heck even I had a great time singing along!), but a little bit long for the younger (1 to 3 years) set. Want to see if Thomas is chugging his way to a town near you? Head here and see a list of shows and information on ordering tickets!

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