Friday, September 4, 2009

Ponds Wet Cleansing Towlettes REVIEW

We all have those days, right? You have been on the go all day and you just want to fall in to bed. Even the effort to wash your face seems like too much, but you know that you will regret it if you go to bed with all of that make up on your face. Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes are the perfect solution to those crazy days. Incredibly soft, these moist towelettes gently remove the grime of the day and leave you with soft, clean skin!

I have been a user of facial cleansing clothes for years (as a busy mom I have lots of those crazy days), but have usually stuck to the store brand, trying to save a little money. After using the Ponds brand I will NOT be going back to my generics! The Ponds cloths were MUCH softer and it took much less effort to remove my make-up. It did take little bit of effort to remove my mascara, but no more effort than eye make-up remover and a cotton ball. The Ponds clothes were also significantly more moist than other brands I have used in the past. This made the experience of using them much more pleasant and made it feel much more effective.

Ponds moist towlettes are also a great solution for on the go cleansing! Taking a long road trip? These are much more convenient to pack than multiple bottles of product. I recently took them with me on a weekend camping trip, and they were perfect for wiping away the dirt and grime that come with camping (especially since the crazy camp ground we went to didn't have a good water source!).

While I love the Ponds cloths for my busy days, they will not be replacing my every day skin care routine. I like to use something with a toner on a regular basis (I have large pores and they need all of the help I can get). But for those hectic days when all I want to do is fall in bed, Ponds will be my cloth of choice!

Want to hear more opinions on the Ponds Moist Towelettes? My fellow contributors at Pink Lemonade of Life all received a pack and are sharing their opinions. Read all about it at

I received one pack of Ponds Towelettes in order to provide my opinion as part of a group review at . The opinion I expressed was truthful and completely my own.

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