Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Cities that Ruled the World

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5 Cities that Ruled the World introduces us to the history and reign of the cities of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London and New York City. Author Douglas Wilson uses a unique religious point of view to explain and document how each city came to rule; why each was successful in it's vie for power; and, excluding New York, the cause of their fall from power.

I truly enjoyed reading a history book written from a Christian perspective. Through our years of schooling, we usually cover history from a purely worldly perspective, which often seemed to me to be lacking in depth. While I always enjoyed reading about the history of our world, it was often hard to connect my beliefs with the history. This book helps to make that connection.

I highly recommend this book to history buffs and regular Joes (like me) alike.

I did have an episode of self discovery while reading this book, though. I discovered that while I can blaze through a work of fiction in a matter of hours or days, non-fiction has to be read in bits and pieces. It seems that I cannot sit for hours at a time, engrossed as I usually am with a novel. Having said that, I truly enjoyed this book, and I know that my husband is glad that I have finally finished this book so he can take his turn with it.

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